Energy-Session (Reiki)


During an EnergySession, pure light is channeled through me for a revitalizing & balancing effect on your entire being… your energetic, mental, emotional & physical body.

This session is guided by my direct & clear connection to my energy channel with high frequencies of the Archangels & Creation planes.

These energies are giving you the opportunity to gain balance, opening, transformation and realizations on a heart-open and elevated level of consciousness.

Your experiences may vary in each session, from physical, visual or even emotional perceptions. Some people are more sensitive than others, but this does not affect the quality of your session. Your body, heart and soul will receive what is just right for you at that moment.

People also report after a session

  • Relief from physical discomfort
  • Increased energy levels
  • Pain & stress reduction
  • Emotional balance
  • Resolution of energetic in-balances on all levels

I invite you to prepare your own intention or wish for your session. Maybe you have a specific reason or just a feeling what it is about for you. With it you are opening the potential for your own transformation.

Heart & Soul Awakening Reiki




Special 88 € (instead of ​111 €) single session

This session is also available as a remote treatment via Zoom or Phone.

incl. 15 minutes pre- and post-treatment talk and 30-50 minutes treatment time (total approx. 90 min.)

 Treatment in person: Ritterstrasse, 63808 Haibach / Aschaffenburg

Note: I recommend you 3 consecutive appointments of 90 minutes to gain an effective energy build-up.

Cancellations are free of charge until 24 hours before the appointment.

NOTE I do not make diagnoses or give recommendations for therapies and medications or promises of healing. Sound and energy therapies support your health and accompany therapeutic treatments in the conventional medical and naturopathic sense. They do not replace a visit to your doctor, alternative practitioner, psychologist or physiotherapist. Please let me know when registering if you are currently undergoing any type of treatment or if you are pregnant.


“My first Reiki treatment with Franziska was very relaxing, even I as a top-heavy person could completely switch off and get involved. I could wonderfully feel how the energy flow in my body was stimulated and I could let go more and more. She immediately welcomed me openly, warmly and lovingly, this was not only there at the beginning, but also to feel the whole 1.5 hours through.”

“I had a special time at and with Franziska. She is so emphatic and sensitive, takes away any excitement and just picks you up. The exchange with her is inspiring and enriching, the experience was new and I could get involved and let go one hundred percent. Thank you Franzi and NAMASTE!”

“I had my first sound session with Franziska. It was a very great experience for me and my body. Already after a short time I felt this enormous energy. I will definitely do it more often now. Franziska radiates such a friendly and warm energy. She is simply huggable.”

“Franziska exudes such a calm and connected energy when she teaches, and she makes us feel the same way at the end of her class. I always love how I feel after a class with her.”

“The singing bowls workshop was absolutely relaxing and very interesting!!! Franziska has through her natural, open and balanced way, united the group and took us into the world of the sounds of the bowls. Thank you very much!”

Feel free to contact me!

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